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Automatic Updates pop up functionality in Windows. Not Ultimate

Posted by stranana on June 11, 2008

Restart Now? Who would do such a thing? You’ve just logged on to do something on t’interweb and this stupid message pops up hassling you from going about your normal business. “Oh yes please restart my computer mr message dude and make me wait a while whilst you reboot MY laptop. OR maybe I’ll just shut you up and restart when I’m ready… like when I’ve finished what I’m doing!”. Restart Now? Are you paranoid? Restart now = not ultimate.

Furthermore once you’ve decided to do the ultimate thing and not restart, five minutes later the message reappears! Irritatingly Not Ultimate. Having to repeat yourself is not ultimate at all. There are so many things not ultimate about this automatic updates message. Sort it out Steve Ballmer!


One Response to “Automatic Updates pop up functionality in Windows. Not Ultimate”

  1. How can I disable this?


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