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Being good at the capital game. Ultimate.

Posted by totallyultimate on June 11, 2008

Ultimate. You would think this might fall in to the not-ultimate category because the capital game is in itself quite nerdy. But when you’re sitting around the pub playing the capital game (as so often happens), there is always a smartass who throws out the challenge: What’s the capital of Burkino Faso?

If this happens, just yell back ‘Ouagadougou!’ and you will own the room. Your mastery of the capital game will never again be challenged. Ultimate.


One Response to “Being good at the capital game. Ultimate.”

  1. stranana said

    Yeah so ultimate. I have a funny story about this also. We were talking about it one night in town by a cash point and the guy infront of us was actually from Berkino Faso… at least he claimed to be anyway. Made up their national anthem another night also: It goes, “Ouaga-dou-gou-ou! Berkino Faso’s my country” (to the tune of Agadoo by Black Lace). Felt completely ultimate at the time but doesn’t sound as ultimate repeating it to other people.

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