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Cufflinks. Ultimate.

Posted by totallyultimate on June 19, 2008

As discussed earlier, anything emphasizing your gentleman status is ultimate. A crisp shirt with a nice pair of cufflinks: you look good, you feel good. Of course, cuff links with large dollar signs or obnoxious images are not ultimate. Understated is always the way to go, so please leave your stormtrooper cufflinks at home.


4 Responses to “Cufflinks. Ultimate.”

  1. stranana said

    WTF – These Storm trooper cufflinks are officially not ultimate!

    Definitely agree on general cufflinks though. Like all ultimate things however the plebs have a way of ruining it.

  2. Xanthina said

    As a geek, I must say…. stormtrooper cufflinks are awesome

    but some of the other things, not so much.

  3. […] Storm Trooper Cufflinks: For the sci-fi man in uniform. […]

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