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London 2012 logo. Not Ultimate.

Posted by skribble5 on June 21, 2008

I love sports, love the olympics, love London, but the 2012 logo is not doing it for me.


7 Responses to “London 2012 logo. Not Ultimate.”

  1. stranana said

    I actually think this alright. It looks rubbish at first and the amount of money they spent on it is pretty ludicrous but it is catchy. It’s simple but really stands out

  2. bendtheblock said

    I remember when this first appeared there was some controversy because it looks as if there is some funny business going on – the 0 in 20 and the 2 in 12 is one person, the 2 in 20 and 1 in 12 are another…

  3. Pandora said

    I never even noticed until you pointed it out, Bendtheblock, that the coloured shapes are supposed to be numbers! And this logo’s been around for ages. I always just saw Maggie Simpson. This logo is totally not Ultimate!

  4. stranana said

    The person behind must be you bendtheblock because they have a massive head

  5. bendtheblock said

    It’s gigantic

    And yes, Pandora, it’s terrible isn’t it… they are actually numbers that look like they are engaged in a lewd act. How can this have been approved? Is it a joke perhaps?

  6. totallyultimate said

    “Numbers engagede in a lewd act.” HAHAHA. Hillarious.

  7. Scott said

    Yes it does stand out. In the same way that a turd on a plate served at dinner would stand out.

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