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Having Sex with Twins. Not Ultimate

Posted by stranana on June 24, 2008

You find a really hot girl that wants you to bang her… what could be better?  How about two hot girls?  How  about two hot girls that look identical?

This all sounds really hot but is actually another one of those  wolves in sheep’s clothing and is so often passed off wrongly as being ultimate (mainly by plebs).  The reality of this one is they are sisters.  INBREEDING IS NOT ULTIMATE, ergo Having Sex with Twins is Not Ultimate


12 Responses to “Having Sex with Twins. Not Ultimate”

  1. skribble5 said

    lol, that’s a pretty ultimate pic though !

  2. bendtheblock said

    We’re getting plenty of google searches coming through for “twins having sex”… not ultimate! I hope this blog post taught them a lesson!

  3. Tucsokcsotany said

    But, having sex with twins and twins having sex with each other ain’t the same. I’d like to sleep with twins, but if they started to do sthings to each other it’d disgust me (‘cuz I also know they’re sisters)

  4. Jello said

    I’m pretty sure no matter how much they try sisters cannot inbreed. Unless they are your sisters no inbreeding is possible in such a threesome. There is no real valid logical argument for why this would be gross. You were just raised to find something which otherwise would not be… repulsive. You are such a sheep.

  5. PIMP said


  6. BiGirl101 said

    Dam i wish i was in that pic but every one is nude

  7. Shamcross said

    So, Jello, would two brothers having sex be acceptable just because they cannot procreate?

  8. Josh said

    What are there names??

  9. mario said

    never 2 late I want 2 be part of the fun 2 be or not 2 be for real

  10. lily lin said

    i love to gay but i am already gay

  11. Ultimate1 said

    I had sex with twin brothers recently. It was crazy…crazy awsome! Nothing like a porn film. Much more intimate, all three of us loved it. We met once more. They’re male and I’m female so all the attention was on me.

  12. Julian said

    So when may i have som nude sex wit u

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