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Guys singing to girlie songs in clubs. Not Ultimate.

Posted by skribble5 on June 21, 2008

Singing along to “dont cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me … ” should really be left to the females. At multiple occasions in clubs, we’ve seen guys singing along to “dont cha”, “my humps”, and “holla back girl” and thinking that they are the coolest. News flash: Not Ultimate.

To be fair to them, they all do have very catchy beats and there is nothing wrong with dancing along to them with your people (I do it), but lets control the urges to lip-sync.


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Dancing to that song in a club/festival/pub with all your mates

Posted by stranana on June 10, 2008

Ultimate.  You know the one. It comes on and instantly reminds you of good times with your mates and you immediately start turning your head to see where they are. They’re right next to you and you’re all giving each other that look of recognition. Let the singing and dancing begin!

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DJs Who Stick to Vinyl

Posted by totallyultimate on June 10, 2008

Totally ultimate. Have you ever seen Hi-Tek, Grandmaster Flash, Prime Cuts or the late Jam Master Jay spin compact discs? Didn’t think so. Goes to show the latest technology is not always the greatest. Vinyls = old skool = ultimate.

Check out GrandMaster Flash. He is so ultimate its unreal.

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