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Netball. Not ultimate

Posted by stranana on June 18, 2008

These costumes wouldn’t look out of place in the PURPLE COBRAS dressing room.


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Biking shorts and related spandex. Not Ultimate.

Posted by totallyultimate on June 15, 2008

Biking is fine. Wearing spandex is not. Unless you’re Lance Armstrong and have overcome cancer to win 5 Tour De France titles, you should not dabble in spandex. What’s funny is most bikers wear full biking outfits because they think they look quite serious. Hasn’t anyone ever told them they look ridiculous? Not ultimate. At all.

Someone get this guy some regular shorts and a t-shirt:

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Being Able to Solve the Rubik’s Cube. Ultimate.

Posted by totallyultimate on June 13, 2008

There are two caveats here:

1) You must be able to solve it under a minute. Spending hours playing around with a Rubik’s cube will not only scare away the girlies, but its totally not ultimate.

2) If you don’t do it under a minute, you must do it blind folded, under three minutes. Like this chap here. Despite his appearance, he is unquestionably ultimate.

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Walking at a fast pace through the hustle and bustle without breaking your stride. Ultimate

Posted by stranana on June 12, 2008

Such ultimate spatial awareness.

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When you are so quick on the ATM you finish before the person that was already on the machine next to you when you got there. Ultimate

Posted by stranana on June 12, 2008

Conversely – Slow people are not ultimate

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Being able to fit exactly 3 pints into a regulation (regular) size Frisbee

Posted by stranana on June 10, 2008

Ultimate. You wouldn’t think it’s possible until you try it. Make sure the Frisbee is on a flat surface and when you get to the top poor slowly and the surface tension over the large area holds it all in. You then need a straw or two to drink it.

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Dropping a Frisbee

Posted by Alex on June 10, 2008

Not only is Frisbee a totally-not-ultimate sport, but dropping a frisbee can never look ultimate Рno matter who it is who drops it or picks it up. Even the most ultimate person you can think of would not look ultimate anymore if they had to pick up a frisbee!

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Domain names ending with .net

Posted by totallyultimate on June 10, 2008

Not ultimate at all. What does that even mean? Dot network? Dot netball? Dot netherlands? Come to think of it, all domain names not ending with .com are definately NOT ULTIMATE.

Here is a picture of two people playing netball. If you don’t want to be like them, do NOT register a domain name ending in .NET!

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