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Over-use of management and corporate jargon. Not Ultimate

Posted by skribble5 on June 15, 2008

Most of us reading this entry have, at one point of another, used buzz-words like “action items”, “best practices”, “fire drill”, “hot fix”, and “potential show stopper” at work. Such terminology is a normal part of the corporate culture and its absolutely fine if used occasionally and in small doses. However it’s the over-use of this jargon which can get pretty annoying and is definitely not ultimate.

I got exposed to this during my first week of work when a colleague who was working on a presentation told me that “we would like to leverage you as an audience” and I was like “so, what you’re saying is that you just want me to listen to your presentation?” Why use so many complicated words to say such a simple thing? Leverage me as an audience?

Michael Flocker gave a great example in his book “Death by Powerpoint”. It goes: “I’ll circle back with you on that after I speak with my colleague who has been very proactive regarding deliverables related to that initiative.” Translation: “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”


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